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About us!

T.T.C. ASIA Ltd. was set up in 2000 and specialises in technical translations in all language combinations and all fields.

We translate instructions for use and packaging notices for a wide range of products in the fields of domestic goods, electric tools, hi-fi, multimedia, telephones, software, decoration, games, toys, gardening items, power tools and food, but also in more specialised domains such as nuclear energy, automobile industry, pharmaceuticals.



Perfect quality-price-ratio.

Unlike other professional agencies, there is no minimum order amount and no supplement for urgent translations.

Even the smallest order will go through the same quality procedure as larger ones.

We understand that time is money, and we will always do our utmost to handle your translation requests as a priority, without asking you for supplements.




T.T.C. ASIA is working according to ISO 17100:2015, an international Quality Standard developed specifically for the translation industry. It supersedes and cancels EN 15038:2006. It is a perfect alternative to ISO 9001-2008 for the translation industry.

The ISO 17100:2015 Standard contains rules for translation service providers regarding the handling of core processes, the minimum requirements for the qualification, availability, and deployment of resources and for other activities that are necessary to provide high-quality translation services.

All the persons (translators, revisers, reviewers, and project managers) involved in the process of translations must comply to our Quality Management Manual.

Technical translation/Tradaptation

We are specializing in technical translations, above all instruction manuals and packaging labels. The translation of packaging labels is one of the most difficult but also the most important part for retail and buying offices.

Our job is to transform a few words into better sales.

This implies creative translations, not only to match the designation of the product but also to make it sellable.

We are calling it a tradaptation.




Furthermore, our agency is certified according to DIN ISO 18587:2017

Translation services — Post-editing of machine translation output 


This service is a solution for companies with high-volume translation requests where time and budget are a concern.

The possibility of machine translation and post-editing may suit your special needs.

However, this service is not recommended for smaller translations, i.e., packaging labels or translations for products with security risks.

There is a difference between full post-editing, which means producing a text comparable to human translations and light post-editing,

which only means making a machine-translated text comprehensible.







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